Hi, I'm Esmeralda!

Head Mistress of Luna Healing Arts

Priestess, Healer, Spiritual Guide, and Sacred Space Holder

As the Headmistress of Luna Healing Arts, I find solace in the gentle glow of moonlit nights and the whispering secrets of the cosmos. My journey reads like a celestial tale, woven with threads of intuition, healing, and the sacred dance with the magical unknown.

Step into Luna Healing Arts, and you step into a realm whereI channel the energies of lunar living, crystal wisdom, and spiritual exploration. I've now made it my life's work to gently guide souls through the tapestry of self-discovery and healing. Luna Healing Arts is not just a sanctuary, it's a cosmic haven where intuition, healing, and magic converge under the gentle glow of the moon.


Can you hear the whispers of your soul?

You're not here by chance. You're here because your soul is calling you home.

To your divine feminine self.

To your own rhythm and cycles.

To go deeper on your spiritual journey.

Luna Healing Arts is here to help you navigate your spiritual path:

Women's Circles

Picture this: A cozy gathering of like-hearted women, swirling incense, and a hint of laughter in the air. Women's Circles are your cosmic haven, a space where kindred spirits gather to share stories, dreams, and maybe a sprinkle of stardust or two.

Energy Healing Sessions

Step into a realm where the energy dances and whispers secrets of serenity. Picture a cozy sanctuary where stress turns into stardust, and your soul feels lighter than air. Energy healing sessions are like a cosmic exhale for your beautiful being.

Spiritual Mentoring

Imagine a space where your spiritual compass aligns with the rhythm of the universe, where questions transform into cosmic whispers, and every step feels like a dance with the stars. That's the realm of Spiritual Mentoring, where we navigate the galaxy of your soul's journey.

Workshops and Courses

Finding yourself enchanted by lunar vibes, the sparkle of crystals, and the whispers of the spiritual cosmos? Imagine a cosmic professor (that's me!) inviting you to a celestial classroom where lunar phases, crystal energies, and spiritual revelations unfold before your eyes.

I really wanted to leave because so many things here brought such negative remembrances, but slowly I am healing and a little more ready to face the world and start living again. You were a huge part of that transformation.



Learn how to use your crystals and open the door to possibility!

Grab your free e-course "Crystal Basics" and learn how to cleanse your crystals, choose your crystals, and how to use them! And because I like to overdeliver, you miiiight have a few bonuses, too... ;)


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