Hi, I'm Esmeralda!

Healer, guide, priestess, space holder, and modern Feng Shui expert

I'm here to be your cheerleader and guide as you navigate the path back to your most authentic self through energy healing, spiritual mentorship, mindset shifts, and ensuring your space matches the life you're creating for yourself.

Take in that breath of fresh air. Because the life you're craving free of anxiety, stress, and unfulfillment is just around the corner!


A true convergence of mind, body, spirit, and space.

In my experience, true transformation occurs from the inside-out and the outside-in.

In my practice, I utilize a variety of tools and energetic practices as well mentoring, space clearing, and ensuring that your home and environment reflects the life you're calling in for yourself. I call it the Three-Fold Path to Transformation.

The Three-Fold Path to Transformation & Creating a Life You Love on Your Terms Includes:

Energy Healing

I use a variety of energy healing modalities to create a unique transformational program for each individual. These modalities include crystal healing, crystal grids, reiki, Lifeforce Energy Healing, and chakra healing,

Feng Shui

Our space is constantly reinforcing the stories we are telling ourselves. When we create a home and environment that reflect the person we are choosing to step into, magic starts to happen.

Spiritual Mentoring

As a Priestess, I hold sacred space for you to explore your own unique path to your purpose and the life you crave. We dive into things like stepping into your own divine feminine essence, working with goddess energy, or developing spiritual practices. All with support and guidance from me.

I really wanted to leave because so many things here brought such negative remembrances, but slowly I am healing and a little more ready to face the world and start living again. You were a huge part of that transformation.



Learn how to use your crystals and open the door to possibility!

Grab your free e-course "Crystal Basics" and learn how to cleanse your crystals, choose your crystals, and how to use them! And because I like to overdeliver, you miiiight have a few bonuses, too... ;)


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