Are you ready to embrace the wonders of your spiritual journey?


I'm your Cosmic Guide, Esmeralda, here to illuminate your path back to your authentic self.

In the hustle of daily life, do you sense a burnout, a disconnection, like something vital is missing? Are you caught in a loop of self-doubt and insecurity, feeling like control is slipping away?

I've walked that same path for years until I stumbled upon the magic of intentional living through the concept of energy in our space through the lens of Feng Shui. That discovery sparked my spiritual journey, and everything transformed. Now, I'm here to share that transformative magic with you.

I've delved deep into the realms of energy, spirituality, and metaphysics, discovering profound insights that shifted the course of my life. Now, it's my honor to guide incredible women, like yourself, on a journey to rediscover their authentic selves.

Curious about my story? Well grab a cup of tea, and I'll tell you how it all transpired...

After years of studying and landing what should have been my dream job and set on a trajectory of cosmic proportions, I sat in the middle of traffic on my way home from work one day. My sister called me, and I started to complain about my work as per usual. But then she asked me a question, the simplest question, "When was the last time you were happy?"

I started bawling because I honestly did not know. I had dug a deep hole full of lies telling myself that I was happy because I had the apartment in the posh area of town, had the expensive handbags and shoes (and debt to go along with it), and had the friends and nightlife to go along with it all.

But I was miserable. I felt in my cosmic core that there was so much more to this life than what I was doing. A few months later, I went to my doctor about my depression and stress, and he told me to either quit or go on meds. A few months later, I quit. And that was when I began my journey.

That journey uncovered a lot of wounds and hurts that ran deep. And some of them I have only in the last few years been able to surrender.

I learned to love myself first so that I could welcome a beautiful partnership. I learned to let go of shame around rape so that I could feel worthy again. And I learned to step into my own authentic truth as Priestess and Healer because for so long, I was afraid of rejection and that people in my life would fall off and leave. I have such a peace in my life now that I have learned to embrace my cosmic, magical self. And you can, too.

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