Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life:

Introducing EcoHarmony Spaces

Are you ready to create a harmonious living environment that embraces both love and sustainability? Meet Eric and Esmeralda, the dynamic duo behind EcoHarmony Spaces – a visionary eco-conscious Feng Shui consulting business designed to transform your home into a sanctuary of balance, beauty, and ecological mindfulness.

Eric, the Eco-Engineer

With his extensive background in electrical engineering, construction, sustainable living, off-grid practices, and energy efficiency, Eric brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the table. He understands the intricate interplay between energy systems and the environment, allowing him to optimize your home for maximum efficiency while minimizing its ecological footprint. Eric's expertise ensures that your living space becomes a model of sustainable practices, where energy flows seamlessly, and every system is thoughtfully designed to align with the principles of green living.

Esmeralda, the Intuitive Designer

Complementing Eric's technical expertise, Esmeralda's deep understanding of art history, Feng Shui, intentional design, and intentional living infuses your space with beauty, harmony, and intentionality. Drawing upon her rich artistic background, she masterfully weaves together the principles of Feng Shui and intentional design to create spaces that not only look stunning but also resonate with positive energy. With Esmeralda's guidance, your home becomes a sanctuary where intention meets aesthetics, nurturing your well-being and supporting your eco-conscious lifestyle.

What to Expect from EcoHarmony Spaces

Personalized Consultations

Eric and Esmeralda take the time to understand your unique vision, lifestyle, and eco-conscious goals. Through in-depth consultations, they delve into your space's potential, identifying areas for improvement and crafting a customized plan that marries sustainability with intentional design.

Energy Efficiency Optimization

With Eric's expertise in energy efficiency, he assesses your home's electrical systems, heating, cooling, and lighting, offering tailored solutions to minimize energy waste and reduce your carbon footprint. Together, Eric and Esmeralda transform your space into an eco-haven that maximizes energy efficiency without compromising on comfort or style.

Feng Shui and Intentional Design

Esmeralda brings her mastery of Feng Shui principles and intentional design to ensure that your space reflects your intentions, promotes positive energy flow, and fosters a sense of harmony and well-being. She artfully integrates sustainable materials, natural elements, and intentional styling to create spaces that inspire and uplift.

Sustainable Living Practices

Embracing a holistic approach, Eric and Esmeralda empower you with practical knowledge and eco-conscious living practices beyond your living space. From sustainable transportation options to waste reduction strategies, they guide you in incorporating sustainable practices into your daily life, creating a positive ripple effect on the planet.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Beyond the initial consultations, Eric and Esmeralda provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain and evolve your eco-conscious living environment. They offer resources, recommendations, and personalized advice to ensure that your space remains a haven of sustainable harmony for years to come.

Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life

Unlock the transformative power of love, sustainability, and intentional design with EcoHarmony Spaces. Let Eric and Esmeralda guide you on a journey to create an eco-conscious living space that aligns with your values, nurtures your well-being, and honors the planet we call home.

I really wanted to leave because so many things here brought such negative remembrances, but slowly I am healing and a little more ready to face the world and start living again. You were a huge part of that transformation.



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